Rome: Historical sites, Shops and Pizza


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My absolute favorite city is Rome. Why? Because it’s the ideal union of modernity and tradition. It is awash with gorgeous historical sites, amazing stores, and obviously, some of the most delicious pizzas you can.

Here’s my opinion on Rome and the reasons I am so in love with it:

1. The individuals

The hospitality of Italy is unmatched. As soon as you arrive the Italians will treat you as if they were old friends. The staff of the hotel is very friendly and can respond to your queries swiftly. The most appealing thing about Italians However, it is their way of speaking. It’s like a song. It’s so cute that even when they were cursing at me I would be unable to tell.

2. The food

If you believe you’ve experienced the most delicious Italian cuisine in your country, then you’re not I’m telling you, dear reader. The most delicious Italian food is sourced from the source…which is in this case Italy (well evidently). These Italian cafés or restaurants serve exquisite raviolis, mouthwatering risottos, and delicious pizzas. If I had the chance go back to Rome solely to eat the food.

3. The historical importance

The history of Rome is divided into two parts. Medieval history and the Roman Empire Each era’s architecture is divided into two distinct areas. The walk to the Colosseum is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever done. On either side of the path, there are ancient relics.

4. The Vatican

This tiny city alone could make the trip to Rome worth it. Within the Sistine Chapel The Vatican contains one of the most stunning frescoes that have ever been made. Many tour guides are on hand in the vicinity of the Vatican to guide you through tours of the museum and church. Just make sure you don’t get taken advantage of!

5. Shopping

While Milan is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, Rome is not far from the scene. The shopping is excellent offering everything from designer brands to the big names available. There’s a huge Zara store in the vicinity (I have spent two hours there , I think). After a afternoon of shopping relax in a comfortable area, eating square pizzas made on the streets and watching the sunset on the city.

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