Venice: Architecture and Cityscaps


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Venice is among the most stunning cities in the world. It is comprised of more than 100 islands that form a lagoon located in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. Venice is an important tourist and cultural destination famous for its architecture, museums cityscapes, and the art scene.

About one-fourth of the city’s population of 280 000 reside in the city’s historic central area. The remaining reside within the island of mainland. Boats that go across and around the numerous canals of Venice are the main means of transportation across the island. They are connected by the Canale Grande, which runs through the center of Venice is the principal waterway. The islands are connected via many bridges. Motorboats are largely replacing the gondolas of old, which are used now to take tourists on sightseeing trips. It is possible to walk or ride waterbuses that travel across the islands.

There is a Piazza San Marco, also called Saint Mark’s Square, is the central point of Venice. The main attractions of the piazza are the city’s most well-known cathedral, San Marco Basilica, and the Doge’s Palace that served as the palace of the Venice’s rulers over many years. It is a major tourist spot which is surrounded by cafés and vendors.

Lido is a 10-kilometer-long, beach located east of the city’s historic center, on the rim of the lagoon, is a popular destination for many beachgoers throughout the summer season. It is home to the Venice Film Festival is one of the city’s biggest annual film festivals.

Venice has had to face numerous difficulties because of its position at sea level as well as global warming. The Mediterranean city has been frequently affected by rising tides throughout the years.

From November through February, they create an acqua alta that can cause sea levels to rise by up to 1.5 meters, and covers a lot of Venice’s famous regions. To give pedestrians paths to walk on through, wooden walkways need to be constructed. A lot of foundations for buildings were damaged by seawater, requiring constant repairs. Water seeps in to the structures ruining the walls as well as the beautiful frescoes. Tourism and industry have consistently reduced the levels of groundwater in Venice and made foundations for buildings fragile. The islands sink at a rate alarmingly high of 3-4 mm annually. City planners are in the process of creating a series of gates made of steel that will hopefully stop seawater from entering the lagoon.

00:00:00 – Introduction Scenes
00:03:35 – St. Mark’s Square
00:15:03 – Morning Walking through the mainland areas
02:13:47 – Canal Tour
02:48:13 – Venezia Hot Afternoon Walk
03:19:18 – Murano Island
04:27:23 – Venezia – Lido Island
04:45:02 – Venezia Mainland Late Evening Walk

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